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Gear pump repair the main parts of the repair


Gear Pump is to rely on the pump cylinder and the meshing gear formed between the work volume changes and movement to transport liquid or booster pump. The two closed gears are composed of two gears, a pump body and a front cover and a back cover. When the gear rotates, the volume of the space on the side where the gear is disengaged becomes larger and becomes a vacuum, the liquid is sucked in and the volume of the space on the gear engaging side changes greatly Small, squeezing the liquid into the pipe. The suction chamber and the discharge chamber are separated by the meshing line of two gears. The pressure at the outlet of the gear pump depends entirely on the resistance of the pump.

With the growth of the use of time, there will be insufficient gear pump oil pump, pump or even failure, mainly due to excessive wear and tear on the parts. Gear pump wear parts are the main shaft and bushings, passive gear center hole and shaft pin, pump housing cavity and gear, gear end face and pump cover. Lubricating oil pump wear of its main technical indicators fail to meet the requirements, it should disassemble, find out the location and extent of wear and tear, to take appropriate measures to be repaired.

First, the drive shaft and bushing wear repair

Gear pump drive shaft and bush wear, with the gap increases, will certainly affect the pump oil. In this case, you can repair the drive shaft or bushing method to restore its normal with the gap. If the drive shaft wear slightly, simply press the old bushing and put on the standard size bushing, with the gap can be restored to the allowable range. If the drive shaft and bushing wear serious and serious with excessive clearance, not only to replace the bushing, and the drive shaft also applies chrome or vibration welding method to increase its diameter, and then grinding to the standard size, recovery and bushing With the requirements.

Second, the lubricating oil pump repair housing crack repair housing: the housing 508 casting crack available nickel-copper electrode welding. Welds to be close and yuan stomatal, with the flatness of the pump cover with no more than 0.05 mm flatness.

Drive shaft bushing hole and driven shaft wear and tear repair: Drive shaft bushing hole wear, the reaming method can be used to eliminate wear marks, and then with increased to the appropriate size of the bushing. Followed by wear and tear of the shaft shaft wear to eliminate traces of wear and tear, and then press the actual size of the hole after the preparation of driven shaft pump chamber cavity repair: pump housing cavity wear, the general approach to repair the lumen, After the enlarging of the inner cavity is set with cast iron or steel bushings. After setting the sleeve, the cavity enamel to the required size, and wear out the end face of the liner to flush with the pump housing surface.

Seat Repair: Pressure limiting valve has two kinds of ball valve and plunger valve. Ball seat wear, the ball can be placed on a valve seat, and then gently tap the metal ball, until the ball valve and valve seat so close. If the valve seat is worn seriously, first remove the worn marks by reaming, and then use the method to make it close. Plunger seat wear, you can put a little valve sand grinding until close together.

Third, the pump cover repair

Work plane repair: If the pump cover wear a small work surface, manual grinding method can be used to eliminate signs of wear and tear, that is, put a little valve on the platform or thick glass plate sand, and then put the pump cover on the ground until the wear marks disappear, The work surface is flat. When the pump cover working surface wear depth of more than 0.1 mm, should be taken after the turning grinding method to repair.

Repair of drive shaft bushing hole: The repair of drive shaft bushing hole on pump cover is the same as repair method of wear of drive shaft bushing hole of housing.

Fourth, the use of gear flip

Gear pump gear wear is mainly in the tooth thick parts, and the gear end face and tooth wear are relatively light. Gear teeth in the thick parts are unilateral wear, so the gear can be turned 180 degrees to use. When the gear surface wear, the end surface can be polished, while grinding the lubricating oil pump housing junction to ensure that the gap between the gear end face and the pump cover within the standard range.

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